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Welcome to our project's web site. You will have an access to "The Systematic Racism" power point.

This is a production of the People’s Equity and Excellent Projects, an ongoing effort to reduce racism in the U.S., initiated at Texas A&M University in the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development within the College of Education and Human Development

To obtain a download of the “systemic racism” power point to date, you will need to provide some simple information. Also, you may want to check on a regular basis for a new download as we will be constantly improving the power point.

It is our request that if you are going to use this power point to make money for yourself or your institution, you will share 25% of any portion dependent on this power point.  All of us working on this project are doing this work at virtually no cost, and we want to continue to build this effort for anyone’s use.  Thus, if you are giving a professional development for which you are charging, if you are charging $1,000 for one day, and if this power point is being used for one-half of that day, we would ask that you send a check of 25% of ½ times $1,000 or $125 made out to Texas A&M University, EAHR Dept.

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